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We offer a wide range of resources to support you on your path to healing including a tribute wall to share memories about your soulmate and more.

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Chamber44 is building an online community that includes amazing interest-based groups & a community newsfeed.

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Chamber44 hosts meaningful events and retreats to create new memories and celebrate the legacies of our soulmates.

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Rediscover love and companionship through our online dating tool. No one will replace your soulmate but you can still find love again.


Our mission is to create a safe space where individuals can find joy in the darkness, celebrate the lives of their departed loved ones, and connect with like-minded souls who share their journey of grief and love.

Grieving the loss of a soulmate is a complex journey that involves both sorrow and celebration. At Chamber44, we honor and embrace these emotions, recognizing that love lives on beyond physical separation. Here, you can find solice in sharing memories, finding understanding, and discovering moments of joy amid the pain.

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Rediscover love and companionship through our online dating tool. No one will replace your soulmate but you can still find love again.

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As you step into this virtual chamber, you are enveloped in an atmosphere of love, light, joy, and happiness.

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TRIBUTE WALL: Commemorating the lives of those we have loved and lost.

Here, members are invited to express their feelings, share poignant memories, and recount the special moments about their soulmate.

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Our community offers a safe space for you to pay tribute to your soulmate who passed away and to support you on your path to healing.


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