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Ours is my favorite love story of all.

Mina and Steve Story

Ours is my favorite love story of all.  Steve and I first met on lunch break at Joe’s Farm Grill in Gilbert.  We struck up a lively conversation while waiting in line. Steve told me he worked for Cox Media, and I thought he was a cable TV guy.

We ended up sharing a table and having great small talk. He suddenly asked if I’d ever been in love, catching me off guard. He shared a personal story about a high school crush, which led to an awkward yet sentimental moment. Despite the odd conversation, his confidence intrigued me.

Our next rendezvous at Dominic’s in Scottsdale revealed a different side of Steve. Contrary to my cable TV impression, Steve unveiled his true identity as a talented and respected musician. Throughout the night, he showered me in a world of luxury and grandeur, exemplifying chivalry and making me feel cherished… 

It is because of Steve that Chamber 44, a tribute to those who had the greatest gift of falling in love with their soulmate, exists. Baby, you will forever be #1 in my charts!

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