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Free Member Account

With a FREE account, you are able to create a member profile, ability to sign up for group events/retreats and a FREE 44 Day Trial of our Premium Paid Member Plan. 

Free Member Account

Premium Member Benefits

You get access to create a member profile (including photos & info about your soulmate that passed away), Access to our online community that includes amazing interest based groups and a newsfeed. You will also have access to our Online Dating Tool to help you find love again! The twist, our dating site is exclusively for those that have lost a soulmate. Lastly, you also have access to the tribute wall, sharing "soul" recipes and more! 

Premium Member Benefits

Chamberlain Benefits

We are looking for "chamberlains" that want to build local Chamber44 chapters around the US and the World. Contact us for more details. 

Chamberlain Benefits

Events / Retreats

When you lose a loved one whose also your soulmate, traveling can feel overwhelming and tough. But with Chamber44, you can join us on events/retreats that will be scattered around the world to connect with other like-minded widows allowing you to build connections, share memories, proof of life stories and more!

Events / Retreats

Online Dating Tool

We want to help you find love again, but this time with someone that will understand that you already found your soulmate and that person will always be a part of you. This is a safe space to find love again! 

Online Dating Tool